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Has it been awhile since you've dug into your investments? Do you have fresh goals? Has your situation changed? Are you no longer certain that your portfolio is performing at peak efficiency? Are you prepared and positioned for 2021?

Are your assets and your income sources still tailored to your needs and your timelines since you created your financial plan? Do you have your Will and Estate Plan completed? Are your insurance coverages fine-tuned? Have you provided for likely Long-term Care costs?

We cordially invite you to schedule a complimentary half-hour portfolio review. It is our pleasure to be of help. It's what we do. Please contact either Brad Olson (262-649-9202/or email to Brad@OTFSllc.com) or David Wahl (262-293-4241 or email to David@OTFSllc.com)  

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We are proud to offer you the finest in these important products and services, with caring, exceptional personal service in Waukesha County:

  • Financial Seminars
  • College Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Long-term Care Planning
  • Estate and Tax Planning
  • Money and Wealth Management
  • Life and Long-term Care Insurance

A sound financial strategy doesn't stop once you retire. In fact, once you have achieved retirement, it's truly more important than ever.

We'll work closely and confidentially with you and your family to develop a tailored, personal strategy to meet your income, tax and other needs.

The very purpose of your work with us-- your trusted, confidential financial professional-- is the happiness and success of your retirement and beyond.

CURRENT SPECIAL FOCUS: Long-term Care Can Devastate Your Retirement

How to Pay for Long-term Care?
We Are a TRUE Partner

We Are a TRUE Partner

Highly skilled, and small enough to truly care . . 




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An Important Distinction

An Important Distinction

In addition to detailed, ongoing market and trend analysis, the "Business Cycle" and the "Financial Life Cycle" are fundamental to our portfolio management values and process:

The Business Cycle of the Economy

 Phase 1. Economic Expansion (Recovery);   Phase 2. Peak (Economy at Highest Level);  Phase 3. Contraction (Recession);  Phase 4. Low (Trough - Economy Hits Bottom)

Successful Financial Life Cycle

Phase 1. Asset Accumulation;  Phase 2. Asset Growth;  Phase 3. Asset Preservation;  Phase 4. Retirement Fine-tuning;  Phase 5. Estate Distribution

Exceptional Expertise

Exceptional Expertise

At Oak Tree Financial Services-Brookfield, WI, our professional calling is to be much more than just skilled money managers:

  • Skilled funds management
  • Truly caring portfolio work
  • Client listening sessions
  • Regular, useful communication
  • Ongoing seminars & education

"Up Close and Personal" -- Get to know one of our advisors just a bit better!

Enjoy getting to know us  . . let us know how we be of can help!

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REGULAR FEATURE -- "Your Money, but OUR Economy; THEY'RE LINKED" (Our Short-term Economic Briefing)

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Sharing A Wealth Of Skills -- Our feature, "A Deeper Dive"

Enjoy our articles we call, "A Deeper Dive."  Each is prepared by one of our advisors. Welcome!

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The Oak Tree Process is Personal and Confidential, Customized to Your Goals and Timelines

The Oak Tree Process is Personal and Confidential, Customized to Your Goals and Timelines

We create custom, personalized strategies tailored to your needs and your goals.

We listen, we probe, we ask, we discover, we guide, we suggest, we learn what's important to you and why.

And to the extent that YOU'RE interested, we have a wealth of educational and informational materials and seminars to share. We truly look forward to meeting you and working with you. Welcome!

S  P  E  C  I  A  L    C  O  V  I  D     N  O  T  I  C  E

We can meet with you by phone, by online computer screen, and, we're happy to meet in our office using face coverings, per our clients' wishes and preferences.

We do have large screen televisions in our meeting spaces, and can use them to conveniently and confidentially share your documents and account information.

Please don't hesitate to call for an appointment at either 800-757-6837, or locally at 262-649-9202. 

We are delighted to serve . . . however is best for YOU, during this time of special circumstances.

Welcome to Oak Tree Financial Services-Brookfield, WI

We are Fiduciaries. We advise in YOUR best interests.

AN IMPORTANT PROTECTION: Effective Summer 2020, when making a recommendation to a customer regarding any account, securities transaction or investment strategy involving securities, the regulation entitled Best Interest (Reg BI) requires all financial professionals to act in the best interest of the customer, and to not put financial or other interests of the broker ahead of the customer's best interest.

Learn More Here - Best Interest

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