Planting tomorrows dreams, today!

From tiny acorns come either meals that squirrels consider delicious, or over time, strong and proud Oak trees. 

We leave the feeding of squirrels to others; our firm's sole purpose and focus is meeting your investing and financial planning needs. 

Oak Tree Financial Services is proud to provide experienced financial advisors who have the independence each needs to listen thoughtfully to your circumstances, to your fears and to your dreams, then serve you well and with care in skillfully working toward a planned goal.

At Oak Tree Financial Services, there are no shareholders. There is no board of directors to answer to-- we answer to our clients-- and have, since 2009.

We would be honored by the opportunity to provide a complimentary, no commitment, cordial visit to discuss where you're at, where you want to be, and how we can best serve you as your partner in developing and managing your own customized, personalized financial plan intended to grow to a forest of Oaks.