Alfred Hickey

Alfred Hickey

Senior Vice President


           Alf Hickey is a certified financial analyst (CFA), an advanced designation with a focus on advanced securities analysis. 

           As a professional wealth advisor at Oak Tree Financial Services, LLC, Alf works closely with clients to address each person’s goals for retirement income, portfolio preservation and growth, insurance needs, estate planning, and providing for the potentially significant costs of long-term care in retirement years. 

            Alf grew up in Shorewood, attended the public schools there, and earned his bachelors degree in 2002 from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. He then lived for ten years in China, where he taught Marketing and English as a Second Language. Alf met his wife there, but many are amazed to learn that when he first arrived, Alf spoke NO Chinese. Alf eventually earned his masters degree in Economics and International Relations from China’s John Hopkins University.  

          Alf’s wife is an artist, singer and classical pianist, and his daughter plays the violin. The family lives in Shorewood, WI.