What's In A Name? -- Our Story

Why did we choose the “Oak Tree” for our firm’s name? -- A True Story

When I decided that the only way to truly do what is best for my clients, was to start my own firm, I struggled to come up with a name that reflected the way we wanted to work with our valued clients.

As I was looking out my window at home one Saturday, thinking about a name for the firm, a classic Wisconsin thunderstorm developed. I was literally watching the trees in my backyard.

Every tree except the big oak was swaying. Some were bent over from the storm’s fierce winds that day. It hit me that the noble Oak Tree reflected the strength and stability needed to weather the storms – in our case-- of life and the markets.

The analogy goes deeper. Remember that the strength of the Oak tree, like the strength of our firm, is not established through only what we see above the ground. No, truly, the strength of the Oak Tree, and of this firm, is borne of a deep rooted, largely unseen support structure.

Our “roots” are Oak Tree Financial Service's resources, technology, client review process, our client communication work, our educational materials and seminars, our commitment to listening and to truly caring, our follow-up, our follow-through. We are different!

So, that strong root system, in addition to the very visibly strong branches and leaves—our advisors, each with his or her unique combination of skills, experience and knowledge—make up a unique, skilled, and very caring partner.

Enjoy the benefits of the Oak Tree approach!

Brad Olson, President